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At Kelly Anderson Group, what we do best is help transportation companies Find, Recruit, Retain, and Train your drivers and staff. We teach proven management, recruiting, and retention techniques through seminars, webcasts, and one-on-one consulting. Beyond this, we offer training and an e-Learning tool to build up your entire workforce – from the shop floor to the corner office.

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Impact's Safety Trainer Program Is Your Ultimate Resource For Qualification Certification

As an approved FedEx Qualification Certification vendor nationwide, we offer true-to-life training in standard delivery vehicles. Let’s Train The Trainer!

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We Help Your Business Find Drivers

When a commercial vehicle is sitting, you lose on average $750 a day in revenue.

You are not only losing revenue, but in addition it costs approximately $200 a day in fixed costs for it to sit vacant.

How It Works

Think Of Us As Your Recruiting Center Partner

Your advertising leads are routed to our revolutionary recruiting facility. All calls are quickly answered by one of our professional recruiters who will pre-qualify the applicant before transferring them to you.

Go Beyond Your Wildest Retention Dreams

Your Retention Numbers Are About To Take Off

We keep the best drivers working for you.

Our teams measure driver satisfaction at certain touch points during the first 90 days of employment. When we identify an employee with a problem, we communicate the issue directly to our retention team. They then monitor the situation to ensure driver’s concerns have been addressed.

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Our e-Learning Does It All

Impact e-Learning enables you to deploy professional development to your entire workforce, test them on it, and track all the results.

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Let us help you advertise for the best drivers and get them working for you.


Accessible from any device anywhere, so you may train without disrupting operations.


It is our mission to match the right talent to meet our clients’ needs.


Let us help you keep the best drivers happy, on the road, and working for you.

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