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Be prepared to pack the house! Kelly’s seminars are second to none.

Kelly has worked in the transportation industry for over 30 years.  The positions he has held include US Coast Guard – Federal Law Enforcement Officer, Professional Driver, Driver Trainer, Driver Recruiter, Safety Supervisor, and Safety Manager over a Recruiting Department for a 1720 truck fleet.  These experiences led to the founding of Kelly Anderson Group, Inc. in January 1998.  Kelly Anderson Group provides Seminars, e-Learning, Driver Engagement Surveys, and Recruitment Services to help fleets Find, Recruit, Retain, and Train Drivers.

Through his real-world, solution-based consulting, and presentations Kelly has become one of the transportation industries most requested speakers.

Kelly serves on numerous industry Boards of Directors and Chaired several committees including the American Trucking Associations Driver Recruitment, Driver Retention, and Driver Wellness Committee.  He also conducts a free monthly webinar entitled the “Impact Advantage”.

The Sky's The Limit

Planes, Boats, & Trucks

Kelly pilots his own plane and enjoys camping trips in his fifth wheel with his family. With over 30 years in the transportation industry it does not bother him to travel on short notice across the United States.

Most Sought After Speaker

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Because of his vast interest in the transportation industry, he has held many positions including Federal Law Enforcement Officer, Professional Driver, Driver Trainer and Recruiter, and Recruiting Manager.

Through his real world, solution-based consulting and training, Kelly has become one of the transportation industry’s most sought after speaker/trainers.

President, Co-Founder, & Director

Kelly and Carmen were married in December of 2000 and have two children Carly and Kellen.  Kelly is very unique in his interests, abilities, and licenses.  For example, Kelly is an Ordained Elder in the Southern Baptist Church, a Coast Guard Licensed Captain, an Instrument Rated Pilot, a Diver, a Cowboy, an avid fisherman, and still holds a Class A CDL.