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Impact's Safety Trainer Program Is Your Ultimate Resource For Qualification Certification


As an approved Qualification Certification vendor nationwide, we offer true-to-life training in standard delivery vehicles.

There is no contract and no requirement to be a client in any other Impact services.

This comprehensive course consists of an interactive classroom and hands-on range work.

The material covered includes leadership, communication, coaching and feedback, safety tips, and practical activity. 

It will ultimately improve your safety, compliance, efficiency, and profitability.  

Attendees are given all the materials and tools needed to immediately start certifying drivers in Qualification Certification.


This five-day in-person course certifies trainers for Qualification Certification of other drivers.

Attendees will be evaluated throughout the course on their ability to complete the required curriculum and communicate it
effectively to others.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive Impact Final Mile Safety Trainer Certification and will be qualified to immediately train and certify drivers.

Impact Safety Trainer Program has created a hub for all your training needs once certified:

– Forum To Chat With Other Certified FedEx Safety Trainers

– Driver Management

– Digital & Printed Safety Handbooks For Trainers & Drivers Available For Purchase

– Online e-Learning Driver Training Program Enrollment

– Downloadable New Hire Forms

Attention Certified Trainers: Click “Certify Now” to sign in to the Hub for Qualification Certification of your drivers and to “Update Driver Info”!


Registration Tips

Please verify your attendees meet the following required standards before registering: continuously assigned to provide services under agreements for no less than 12 months, no preventable DOT recordable accident within the last 12 months, and qualified to operate the largest CMV/CV for which training is provided.

Select a location on the map or search the list of locations. Change your view in the upper right corner above the map.

Click “Register” on the selected event you would like to attend.

Once registration and payment are received, you will be sent an email confirmation with your registration and event details.

To manage your reservation, create an account during checkout.

Payment Information

To make a payment, you may enter your Credit Card or Debit Card info on the screen, log in to pay with PayPal, or call (417) 456-6380 for an alternate payment method.

No refunds. Please check that the attendee qualifies (criteria available in the Registration Tips section and on the FAQs sheet on MGB).

In the event of an attendee not keeping their spot in a class, we would be happy to reschedule for another class.

You will not receive a confirmation email until payment has been processed.

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Hear From Trainers Who Went Through Our Program!


1. What are the criteria a person must meet to be a Certified Trainer?

A: They must be DOT accident-free for a year and have one year of driving experience. For details, visit your My Ground Biz Account (MGBA).

2. What are the available approaches for the Qualification Certification?

A. Approach One – Send a qualifying person to the five-day Safety Trainer Program to become a Certified Trainer.

B. Approach Two – Have an approved vendor, such as Impact’s Safety Trainer Program, to certify all drivers directly.

C. Approach Three – Request a Certified Trainer from another Service Provider to certify all your drivers.

3. What is the timeframe for completing Qualification Certification with all personnel?

A: Check your message center on MGBA for specific contract dates. Messages began going out as early as March 1. There are multiple dates to be aware of and not all staff must be trained at the same time.

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