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We are incredibly proud that as we have grown, our culture has remained steadfast. At its core? Collaboration, camaraderie, and collective hard work without egos or pretense. Nearly every company says they work and play hard – we actually do! But it’s much, much more. There’s a dedication to one another that’s palpable. What’s more, we have a respect for the commitments we all have.

Kelly Anderson


Todd Cornett

Vice President

Melinda Gilmore

Executive Assistant

Amy Raley

Finance Manager

Brenda Hopper

Human Resources

Jeremy Morrissey

Client Solutions Director

Laura Crawford

Final Mile e-Learning Manager

Rachel Tremblay

Truckload e-Learning Manager

Shane Soden

Final Mile Recruiting Manager

Bill Lee

Truckload Recruiting Manager

Donald Alpers

Final Mile Consulting Manager

Brooke Forgey

Final Mile Advertising Manager

Cindy O'Neall

Impact Retention Manager

Jimmy Tikunoff

Multimedia Producer

Abigail Tikunoff

Digital Production Manager

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