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Observer Agreement

By submitting this form, the trainer acknowledges they have the experience and meet the requirements to be a qualified observer.

Any trainer not meeting the requirements as set forth through Impact Solutions Inc.* and the Qualified Observer criteria on MyGroundBiz** is responsible for finding a qualified replacement to observe the trainee, and recognizes that any observation time signed off on by the unqualified individual is forfeited.

*Trainer will complete the required level online training before being eligible to observe a driver.

**Also available within your Transportation Service Provider Agreement (TSPA).



Enroll your employees

  • Step 1 - Simply enter your business entity ID number (i.e. V001234), trainer's name, along with your employee's name, email address, and level.
  • Step 2 - A confirmation email will be sent to the employee with login details.
  • Step 3 Employee logs in and completes classroom portion for the first level.

After training is completed by employee, the instructor will recieve an email with further instructions.

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