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To Get Started

Step 1 – Simply enter your business entity ID number (i.e. V001234) and zip code in the space provided.
Step 2 – Impact will send an e-mail to your company e-mail address associated with your entity ID with a pre-populated user agreement attached. All you need to do is finish the document, digitally sign it, and hit submit.
Final Step – Impact will send you and your users a Welcome Message with instructions on how to access the system, sign in, and start utilizing the e-learning modules.


Failure - VNumber/Zipcode not recognized

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What information do I need to complete the sign-up form?
The sign-up form will be auto-populated with your company information based on the business entity ID number you provided. The only additional information we will need to get your company set up is the names of your employees with their employee ID numbers and
e-mail addresses.
Why does Impact need my entity ID (V number) and employee ID numbers?
Impact uses the entity ID to verify business information and send the correct email and payment options. Employee IDs are used as each user’s unique username. This process alleviates login errors and aids the reporting process.

When do my employees start training?

Sign-up forms received by Impact Solutions before the 25th of the month will start immediately; those received after the 25th will start on the first of the next month. We do this to give users time to complete the assigned modules.

When does my billing cycle begin?
Sign-up forms received before the 25th of the month will start immediately; those received after the 25th will start on the first of the next month.

How are my employees notified of how to get started?
Impact will send a welcome email that explains how to access the system, download the mobile app, sign in to the system, and complete modules.

How will my employees be notified of e-Learning assignments?
Each month when professional development is assigned, users who have downloaded the mobile app will receive an auto notification from the app. Others will receive an e-mail notification.

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