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This seminar is full of people skills, communication skills, and interpersonal skills. Attendees frequently comment on how much they enjoyed the training and that they were pleasantly surprised to have learned so many things that will make them a better person. The end result is this directly impacts driver retention efforts.

Kelly is not a trainer who believes drivers are always right or that they’re “Number 1.” Kelly is a trainer who has sat the seat from Over the Road Driver to Recruiter to Loss Prevention and ultimately Safety Manager of Recruiting for a 1720 truck fleet. He brings that experience and the experience gained from the last 11 years of independent consulting to the seminar. He uses it to instruct and facilitate the meeting so we work through the misconceptions and get commitment from individuals on what they will do on a daily basis to improve driver relations and reduce turnover.

Impact Training Solutions’ goal is to educate attendees about driver turnover and get them committed to improving it. We want the participants to become actively concerned about driver retention. At the end of the seminar attendees will have new insight into the driver turnover problem. Moreover, they are motivated to make a difference.


During the seminar we will work through the above agenda. We use it as a catalyst to start conversation and identify turnover-causing issues. Every time we identify an issue we work with the group to come up with an action item to address the issue. The action list identifies what the attendees are going to do as a result of the seminar.

Kelly brings his experience of being an over the road driver, recruiter, loss prevention, safety manager of a 1720 truck fleet, along with the experience gained from the last 11 years of independent consulting, to this seminar. Attendees will become actively concerned about driver retention and have new insights into the turnover problem.

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