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Are you struggling to recruit qualified drivers?
Are empty trucks eating into your profits?
Do you have freight you can't haul because you don't have enough drivers?

Let Impact send pre-qualified drivers directly to you!

How it Works

Think of Impact Recruiting Center as your partner.

Your advertising leads are routed to our state-of-the-art recruiting facility. All calls are quickly answered by one of our professional recruiters who will pre-qualify the applicant before transferring qualified drivers to you.

Our Streamlined Process

All your driver recruiting leads are captured live and you only have to talk to qualified and interested drivers. Impact Recruiting Center will also provide a monthly report showing you the allocation of every lead received.

When a truck is sitting, you lose $650 a day in revenue.

On average it takes about 20 days to find a new driver. At $650 a day for 20 days that's $13,000 lost!

Not only that, but it costs about $170 a day in fixed cost for a truck to sit and rust, that's $3,400 of rust

If you answer recruiting calls live or reply to internet leads within five minutes you are 900% more likely to recruit the driver.

"With the current driver shortage it is more important than ever for fleets to capture every lead. You've only got one chance to recruit a driver. If you don't answer the call or internet inquiry immediately, they'll be working for your competitor." - Kelly Anderson

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