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The problem with most retention efforts is they are reactive. They don’t start until the driver says, “I’m going to quit.” By then it’s too late.

- Kelly Anderson

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Impact Retentive New Driver Questionnaire

Evaluate & Communicate Driver Concerns & Satisfaction so they can start driving for you!

At Impact we are all about the success of your company. We know that a good driver is a valuable asset to your company and that it’s very important to keep those drivers happy.

The Impact Retentive Questionnaires are designed to candidly measure driver satisfaction at strategic points throughout their career at your company. Evaluating the driver experiences and issues not only helps lower retention risk, but we find ways to repair relationships so you keep the best drivers for your company.

As a result of this proactive approach, our clients typically see turnover reduced by 27-35%

This questionnaire is pro-actively designed to measure driver satisfaction at certain touch points during the first 90 days of employment. It also identifies drivers with problems before they get so big the driver decides to quit. During the questionnaire process, if we identify a driver with a problem, we immediately communicate the issue to someone you have appointed to address it. Then we monitor the situation to ensure the driver’s concerns are addressed.

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