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Impact Retention utilizes strategic engagement interviews, reports, and feedback. We love hearing from our clients when issues have been successfully resolved because of our intentional service. Want to improve your turnover rate by 50%? Reach out today! *Input facts/main points*

Not only do we provide services for the trucking industry but other industries, as well! Contact us to see how we can help you!


  • This proactive driver retention ….
  • Satisfaction…
  • We immediately escalate identified issues to you for proactive response.
  • Our reports provide driver specific ratings and comments so you know who said what and why. 
  • With our team’s personal touch and trucking background, we receive very insightful feedback on how your company can boost retention and improve culture.
  • We get it done – many fleets try to conduct turnover surveys themselves but get busy and can’t follow through. By letting Impact Retention handle your turnover reduction needs, it will always get done and won’t become something you used to do!


We conduct the interviews, compile results, and pass them on to you! We make personal contact by phone with new drivers or staff to rate how satisfied they are during the first 90 days of employment.  

Driver Engagement Interviews

We provide a comprehensive set of questions geared toward your industry that narrows it down to the real issues.

Additional Service: Rehire Interviews
As a client, you will regularly provide us with a termination list. If we find anyone eligible for rehire and interested in returning, we will forward them to you for review. We also compile all feedback from drivers who have left and provide those notes to you.

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Q: Is a contract required?

A: No, this is a contract-free service! 

Q: Do you only interview drivers?

A: Nope! We can interview drivers, office staff, shop staff, warehouse workers, and more! 

Q: How often are reports provided?

A: Response reporting is provided on a monthly and quarterly basis. However, urgent issues are escalated and presented to management immediately.

Q: How long do the interviews usually take?

A: We limit our interviews to 8 to 10 questions in order to respect your teams’ time.

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