Driver Finisher Program

Our Driver Finisher Program is your ultimate resource for truckload safety culture

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Our Driver Finisher Program provides industry-leading instructor training. From classroom instruction to interactive exercises, your fleet’s instructors will have the skills necessary to develop and encourage a culture of safety.


  • Our comprehensive courses consist of hands-on and interactive activities inside and outside the classroom.
  • Outside of technical training, we also focus on leadership, coaching, and communication.
  • We come to you!
  • Safety is our number one priority!


  • This three-day in-person course certifies trainers to coach and cultivate other drivers.
  • Attendees will be evaluated throughout the course on their participation, understanding of the material, and ability to communicate it effectively to others.
  • Feedback on both strengths and weaknesses will be provided to further grow each trainer.
  • Upon passing, each participant will receive a Driver Finisher Certification and will be qualified to immediately train drivers.


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Q: What is the difference between the Driver Finisher Program and our Train-The-Trainer program?

A: Unlike our Safety Trainer Program, the Driver Finisher Program does not handle content related to P&D. The content covered is geared specifically toward Line-Haul companies and their equipment. It also further expands upon D.O.T. regulations, violations, and roadside inspections

Q: What is the minimum number of participants needed?

A: To optimize the experience, we suggest three students at the minimum.

Q: How regularly do you suggest offering the course?

A: The regular scheduling of the class depends on your trainer program. Some of our clients select different intervals.

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